You’re probably wondering what all this RAOK malarkey is about, so let us tell you…

  • An old woman is walking in front of you, struggling with her heavy grocery bag. You offer to help her and carry it all the way home for her.
  • You spot a man sitting on the curb, looking defeated and asking passers-by for something to eat. You head into the nearest shop, fill a bag with food and hand it to the man.
  • You’re waiting in the queue to place your coffee order and you overhear two young women behind you talking about whether to get a coffee or a sandwich, because they can’t afford both. You give the barista a £20 note and tell him to get the ladies whatever they’d like (and to keep the change).
  • In winter, a cafe opens its door to stray dogs at night – so they don’t freeze to death in the cold.
  • Someone donates an organ to a stranger.
  • A group of people go out at night, tying winter coats to light posts with a note offering each coat to whoever requires one.

If you were wondering what a random act of kindness is, these are just a few examples. It doesn’t matter if it’s BIG or small, if it’s a gift, a hug, or even just a few kind words. A #RAOK (as we like to call ’em) is YOU doing something for someone else – JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN. JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO MAKE THE OTHER PERSON SMILE.

This is our RAOK revolution. There’s lots to come – you’ll be able to nominate someone for an RAOK (a friend, a stranger or even one of our team members), the RAOK’s will come in all shapes and sizes, we’ll be writing about amazing RAOK’s that we see and read about, and we’ll even be doing 365 days of RAOK’s.

We’re YUMMY and we like to do things a little differently.