One of the most important things that I tell our customers about our business is that we’re a pub, not a restaurant. We are a relaxing escape from the normality of life, a home away from home. If your best friend is at your home, why shouldn’t he / she be with you at the pub, regardless if he / she is canine?

The figures speak for themselves; two-thirds of dog owners are put off pubs that don’t welcome our furry friends. That’s why I’m very proud to announce that not only are Yummy pubs already registered on, we’ll also be taking part in the Dog-friendly Pub Awards.

I used to own a beautiful rescue dog myself. Her name was Ruby, she was a mixed lurcher / greyhound dog and I tell you, everybody in my pub bloody loved her. I’d trained her so that she would come and sit by the fire when I was around but as soon as I disappeared back of house she’d go straight back to being her naughty self, getting cuddles from my guests, as well as sneaking herself a fair few chips – she was an asset to my business, not a liability.

When dog beers were brought to the market, we were one of the first businesses in the on-trade to buy them in, on top of always having offered doggy biscuit treats and water bowls. They’re called Man’s Best Friend for a reason; to most people, a dog is part of the family and sometimes, their only family. 

Ruby was an inspiration for how I wanted Yummy to run, which is why we’ve been dog-friendly from the get-go. Actually, we’re more than that, we even welcome horses outside the Wiremill, whilst their owners have a pint. Sadly, we’re not quite able to offer the same treatment in London but if we could… 

/ Tim Foster


Remember when we celebrated Live Your Life Day (if you didn’t see us shave Gina’s head for charity, we suggest you take a look at the video). A wee bus ride away, at our Stoke Newington Tea House, Yummy loons raised money in a different fashion with a tea morning and cake, cake, cake (!) baked by the kitchen team & our team members. Some were even donated from our guests!


It’s the last day of August…have the seasonal blues kicked in yet?

Perhaps some of you are still in festival mode, especially given the parties that took place over the bank holiday weekend. Hah, we’re not talking about Notting Hill Carnival or SW4 in London – no, no, no – we’re talking about GROVE FEST.

A two-day music bonanza with several bands, as well as not one but TWO humungous inflatable slides and a bouncy castle for ALL ages. Yup, you heard us. ALL AGES (our inner child just wooooooped).
As you might remember, Grove Fest was “pay-what-you-can-afford” festival with all entry donations given to charity. We’re still waiting for the final figure but we’d like to thank everyone for their support and for popping in to party with us!

365: 38 NBD

Forget about the LBD, today is about the NBD

We’ve teamed up with MR HYDE for this day’s #RAOK. What’s that? 20% off burgers?*


*t&c’s apply

PokémonGo Cocktails? YES.

Pokémon Go has taken over the world and as luck would have it, some of our pubs have been given special status. That’s right, Somers Town and the Grove are both Poké Stop’s The Gorringe is even a Poké Gym!

In celebration, we hosted a Pokémon Go party in Cosy Kettle last month & what’s more, we launched a special limited-time-only Pokémon cocktail list! #Poktails

Some #RAOKs come in small packages, this one came in the shape of a week-long #lure fest. Yup, we purchased lures and sent them out, just so you could all catch some Pokémon! #RAOK

Chase Vodka
Blue Curaçao
Apple juice
Cranberry juice
A squeeze of lemon

Shake with ice and serve in a tea cup, with a mint leaf as garnish.

Name: Pikachu
Creator: Arnaud
Sailor Jerry rum
Crème de banane
Lemon juice
Pineapple juice
Sugar syrup

Blend with crushed ice, slice the peel of a lemon into a Pikachu tail shape for garnish.

Creator: Tom
Absolut Vanilla vodka
White crème de cacao
Sugar syrup
Chocolate bitters

Shake the cocktail, pour into a highball glass of choice, drizzle with chocolate sauce & top with a piece of Twix. 


Friday’s are generally great days but last Friday was extra special. Not only was it the night before Anthony’s wedding (Owner / Dark Lord at Yummy) but it was also LIVE YOUR LIFE DAY in honour of Franca Knowles and in support of Team Margot.

So, what did we do? We shaved Gina’s head. Ah, yes – remember how we badgered you about donating money to her fundraising page so we could give her a snazzy buzz cut? Well, the day arrived and if anyone can rock a hair-less head, it’s our Gina. The customers at Somers Town also got in on the fun (check out the man who decided to WEAR Gina’s hair…).


She’ll still raising money for Team Margot, so keep donating! Most importantly though, sign up to become a donor. You could save a life.



By now, you’ll have probably gotten the gist of how RAOK works. Today’s good deed? We donated a weekend away at our beaut’ of a country escape, the Wiremill, to Macmillan Cancer Support. It was sold off in an auction during their On Track for Summer event and even included the private gazebo, bubbly and brekkie (or bubbly for brekkie perhaps, we don’t judge!). It felt like a great way to celebrate our recent title win of Best Boutique Stay in Surrey and also, an excellent opportunity to support Macmillan for all the work that they do.

We’ve yet to hear who the auction winner is but we’ll be sure to keep you updated (and to hopefully get a snazzy photo). In the meantime, here are some photos of our slice of heaven.


Any random act of kindness is pretty incredible but this woman? She’s something else.

Fiona Munro gave two strangers in a diner a £20 note to pay for their lunch. Yes, that’s pretty great all on its own but what makes this experience all the more amazing is that those £20 came from money that she received from family and friends as a gift, for her and her husband to treat themselves while Fiona recuperates from her cancer.

But wait, it gets better. One RAOK motivates another, as it turns out the women Fiona gave the money to have pledged to do a RAOK of their own with a charity bungee-jump! Talk about inspiring! We’ve contacted Fiona so we can make her smile like she made those two women smile. If we don’t hear from her that’s OK, too (she has the right to her privacy, of course). Stay tuned!